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Today's thought from Hazelden is:

The Importance of Money

We cannot afford to allow our focus in life to be money. That will not lead us into the abundance we're seeking. Usually, it will not even lead to financial stability.

Money is important. We deserve to be paid what we're worth. We will be paid what we're worth when we believe we deserve to be. But often your plans fail when our primary consideration is money.

What do we really want to do? What do we feel led to do? What are our instincts telling us? What do we feel guided to do? What are we excited about doing? Seek to find a way to do that, without worrying about the money.

Consider the financial aspects. Set boundaries about what you need to be paid. Be reasonable. Expect to start at the bottom and work up. But if you feel led toward a job, go for it.

Is there something we truly don't want to do, something that goes against our grain, but we are trying to force ourselves into it "for the money"? Usually, that's a behavior that backfires. It doesn't work. We make ourselves miserable, and the money usually goes wrong too.

Money is a consideration, but it cannot be our primary consideration if we are seeking spiritual security and peace of mind.

Today, I will make money a consideration, but I will not allow it to become my primary consideration. God, help me be true to myself and trust that the money will follow.

You are reading from the book:

The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

The Language of Letting Go © 1990 by Hazelden Foundation. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the permission of Hazelden.

The week ahead, from wheresthemoon.com:



Some people believe all you think about is money. This is so wrong. What you do care about is your earthly pleasure. It’s not really about the money at all. Many Tauruses don’t hoard their cash and sit their counting it. You have to enjoy life, and, like it or not, it costs money. So you should be happy as a clam now that at last there is some hope that the cash will flow in a little more easily thatn it has over the past year and a half, and your worldly existence will be relatively free from the feeling of being squeezed and have to borrow against your own future and juggle and be dependent on others. Work and health have been your major concerns. You’ve had to struggle to survive. Pleasure. That’s your thing.Said it before, but now definitely not kidding. Take your SATURN IN LIBRA message and taack it on your wall until October. if you do not have it, get it now.Y

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Dealing with the feelings that lie deep under the surface is not easy for anybody. It’s much more comfortable to make snappy jokes and keep conversations from getting dangerously close to the bone. you’re as capable as anybody else of feeling deeply. You’re often thought of as the chit chat type. We should not diminish the value of being able to lighten the mood both at cocktail parties and in the middle of a war. It’s a talent, not a kooky defense against the expression of real emotion. We’ve all had that experience of coming out with an inappropriate response at an embarrassing moment. You enter a funeral of a loved one and something moves you to giggle. Or, in the midst of a passionate embrace, you think, "Oh ,I forgot to call Jake and move the meeting to eleven o’clock." While that sort of disconnect can be most irritatingly It is the power to laugh. It is your ability to master the diversionary tactic. Right now it is most useful. The direct motion of Venus in Gemini restores confidence in yourself and be able to shore up any relationship. You’ve had a pretty crappy time of it–health, self-image, etc, but now you can jettison the feeling of unworthiness and be able to relate to yourself with more love. You need it, mainly because love is the object, but ..........Said it before, but now definitely not kidding. Take your SATURN IN LIBRA message and taack it on your wall until October. if you do not have it, get it now.

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I had to tell my new boss that not once but TWICE today. It was pretty effing epic. Wow, your highest producer with the lowest error rate got busted on TWO mistakes? and could not explain how or why those mistakes had been made? I must be a HUMAN BEING who makes MISTAKES. Yes, please, harass and pester me some more. Keep asking me "why did you do that?" over and over again until I cry. I love that. I am HUMAN and I MAKE MISTAKES.

I WISH TO GAWD I WAS PERFECT AND NEVER EVER MADE A MISTAKE, but that is NEVER going to happen, no matter how much I try, no matter how hard I work, no matter how furiously I beat and torture myself after I fuck up.


Accept that, Fire me, or fuck off, I care not which.

& here is some irony-sauce from my email box, just to top off today.


Today's thought from Hazelden is:

Today I accept the fact that I have made mistakes.

find comfort in knowing that, in the past, I did what I thought was
right at the time. What makes my mistakes seem so bad is that I judge
them by what I know today. I know more than I did then, and less than I
will tomorrow.

trust that, in the future, I will not make the same mistakes. I have
more information now, and I will be able to handle things differently
and make wiser choices. I accept myself for who I was then and for who I
am today.

You are reading from the book:

Time to Break Free by Judith R. Smith

to Break Free © 1999 by Judith R. Smith. All rights reserved. Printed
in the United States of America. No portion of this publication may be
reproduced in any manner without the permission of Hazelden.

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Taking magnesium daily now. It does seem to help.

I had a good day yesterday and I've had a good weekend so far.

Last night, I had supper at El Arroyo with my Aunt L and Uncle Bob & cousin Warrenwarren & his GF. The margarita was weak, but their queso was awesome and the service was excellent. We had a really good visit. It's nice to see Warren becoming such a decent grownup person. His girlfriend is awesome, too. Has her own business, looking to get a condo or townhouse soon instead of paying rent. She's a smart gal. And they have a lot of interests in common: being outdoors, camping and kayaking and hiking, live music, etc. I'd be happy if they ended up being a long term thing.

After supper, I went to the Daugherty Arts Center & met up with my friend Drey. We chit chatted a bit and I didn't see any of the other folks who had RSVPd to my facebook event invitation, so I was getting worried that he thought I'd somehow tricked him into being on a 'date' with me. But then Dree and her friend Chris showed up so it was all better. Drey is such a funny little person. I loved his outfit & his "Corset Inspector" medal. I am glad the Universe saw fit to put him in Austin.

We saw "Alvida and the Airship Pirates" which was a short silly little play, but with some good eye candy--cute girls and cool costumes. If I had the body for it, I might want to do the 'school girl gone bad' interpretation of Steampunk, too, cuz it was hawt, and I like stockings. But...oh well. I was about as risky as I was comfortable with in a skirt that came above my knees and funky tights, a vest over a long sleeve knit shirt & Thax's red newsboy cap & goggles. I wore the pendant he got me for Xmas and had Knighthorse embellish to be all steampunky, my pirate shot glass necklace that I got at Sherwood last year, and my new "skull and crossbones" glasses. So that was cool.

After the play, Dree, Chris, and Drey scattered, so I went on to Valatan & Blissfish's house for "Leftover Dinner"...got to try pop rock and chipotle infused dark chocolate (nom!) and a couple glasses of red wine, got to visit with people and relax and just have a nice time.

I got home around midnight and slept ALMOST til my alarm went off at 7:30, then went on to work and cranked out 4 hrs of OT. Got lunch at New World Deli (I'd been craving their curry chicken salad) and then shopped a bit at Big Lots and made a quick stop at Target to get tennis balls.

Went to Valatan & Blissfish's again, and Valatan and I went to the high school near their house and played tennis for maybe 30 min or so until I started getting to the 'almost pukey' stage of physical exercise. We walked back to his place and I drank some water, and now I'm home.

I like doing stuff and having plans and getting things done.

I have some shopping to do and 2 more rooms of the house to clean today. there is an Astronomy thing at St Stephen's school starting at 6 tonight. I don't know if I'm gonna make it. I'm feeling pretty tired at the moment. That was good tennis. Well, sucky tennis, but good exercise.

Tomorrow is Sherwood Faire with a whole gang of folks. I am looking forward to that very much.

I've done a good job of staying busy and trying to be happy while Thax is out of town for work, I think. There are things to worry about but there is no point in doing so, so I am going to do less of that, if I can possibly help it.

The last couple days is more what I want my life to look like. A better balance of work and play, time with family and friends. Getting things done. Healthy activities along with a bit of hedonism.

I'm grateful for so many good people in my life.
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got it from [livejournal.com profile] oracle_tx, who got it from Nic Marks in his TED talk, "The Happy Planet Index"

Things to do to increase happiness and wellness:

Connect - Socialize. Discuss. Hug.

Be Active - Move. Walk. Dance.

Take Notice - Observe. Ponder. Experience.

Keep Learning - Curious. Read. Experiment.

Give - Time. Money. Share.

AND...really pay attention to yourself in the moment....when you find something that makes you happy, figure out a way to do that more. Maybe find a way to make that something you do for a living. Maybe. I'm still not entirely sure that adding money doesn't take away happiness....still workin' on that thought.
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We're into mandatory OT at work, including the directive to work 3 of the next 4 Saturdays, but I am hoping with diligent effort that will be avoided, even if all the diligent effort has to come from me. *sigh*

A little snafu with the phones meant I stayed on hand for phone duty even though they weren't actually transferred to me. I thought the phones were too quiet...Oh well. More OT for me, anyway. And I got a lot done over the quiet lunch hour while I enjoyed my shirataki noodle and seafood soup.

So...time for a quiz & then back to the grindstone:

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I still like these better.
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Wow, there was a big damn wreck right outside my office. What is UP with the traffic today?! Oh, wait, I forgot, it's the ROT Rally. I heard motorcycles up and down 15th street alll of yesterday afternoon. Whatever. Noisy bikers.

And apparently those marching kids were the "Youth Leadership Conference"...whatever that is. I never will understand why and how things get scheduled here. Youth Leadership and Bikers the same weekend. SXSW and and the UIL basketball tournament every year in March. You'd think one or the other would want to move their dates. To reduce the cognitive dissonance, if nothing else.

ANYWAY. Peeking out my 4th floor office window, there are lots of cops and the usual bunch of rubberneckers, including some folks that look like they've been on the Santa Rampage since whenever that was in December 2007. Some blood. ew. People are so morbid! Actually walking TOWARD the wreck!

(aside: you know, I am totally cool with Keepin Austin Wierd, but Santa costumes in June...that's a little too wierd, even for me.)

OK, back to work. Since we're so short-handed, there's actually lots for me to do. The phones are pretty quiet today, too. That's a plus.
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There's a marching band coming down the back side of the Capitol on Congress Ave. Music and police sirens.

Coworkers are all standing in my cube (because I have a window) looking out, trying to decide if this is part of the ROT rally or something else. One coworker says it's 'boys from all over the state'. I see lots of kids in white shirts and blue jeans, I can't tell if they're boys or not.

And now they've stopped playing music and they are yelling or chanting something.


You kids get off my lawn.

and you coworkers get OUT of my cube and go do some damn WORK.

{edit} Oh, just got an email that someone brought donuts. Magical disappearance from the windows and mass exodus to the breakroom. Thank goodness.


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