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I can't remember if I've shared this website with my fellow perfumey friends yet, but here is a really nice site that I'm enjoying quite a bit:

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It also illustrates my woefully expensive & somewhat tacky taste in jewelry...I didn't realize that ring was almost 6 grand when I clicked on it...*giggle*
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I admit, I've got a bit of a fascination with Barbie. I'm a late bloomer. Blame it on my tomboy ways when I was a child--I didn't get a Barbie of my own until I was 10 or 11.

Since then, I've become rather fascinated with the designer gown barbies, the annual Christmas barbie (My aunt gave my sister one every year for most of her childhood), the Barbie Princesses of the World, the Sun & Moon Barbies,the Halle Berry Catgirl Barbie, the multicolored fairy barbies...I am just enthralled. I try to keep a handle on it. I don't buy them all that often, even though I want them. I think as of now, I have my original Malibu Barbie, a Halloween witch Barbie (complete with tiny Barbie Tarot cards!), and a Portugese Princess Barbie. And assorted Halloween Kelly & friends in their cutie little halloween costumes.

OK, I'm an addict. I didn't buy any this year at Target. I feel sort of pure about it. (even though I actually didn't buy any because none of them were that that cute this year, not because of any virtuous anti-clutter sentiments.)

Anyway...I was on Fark.com yesterday and they featured Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken

I think he tops Earring Magic Ken (in more ways than one!)

I sent this article out to some friends who would appreciate it, and got back, among other coments: "Speechless. This is even beyond the 'Oreo Barbie.'"

Oreo Barbie?!? good lord...what do the people at Mattel smoke and where can I get some?


oh, ew.

Oct. 8th, 2009 08:51 am
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Looking at "regretsy" is definitely making me continue to second-guess my thoughts about opening an Etsy shop for getting rid of my unused crafty-stuffs.

But this! It's probably very wrong that I like it. And want one.
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I was on the way home from my dr. appt and I heard this really cool song on the radio. Turns out it's called "Reunion" and it's by a band called Hot Club of Cowtown. They're local. It's a great little song. The DJ mentioned it's from their new CD, and they're going to be on the radio tomorrow morning at 11, doing an apperance at WAterloo, and then at the Continental Club.

When I got back from work, I googled and found this album review.

What nice serendipity!

I am not so sure about that whole 'going to see music in a club' thing (it's a rarity when I do go somewhere with noise and crowds)

But...it is a good song. I think I at least need the CD.
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ganked from my friend [livejournal.com profile] freyapax

check this out!


It's a benefit for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

There is some seriously gorgeous art & jewelry & pretty stuff, including a piece by [livejournal.com profile] freyapax

This is a total win-win--something one of a kind, handmade & gorgeous for you or a loved one, and money to a really important cause.
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I was looking for some good images of Amy Brown's "Attitude Fairy"for costume ideas for this weekend at faire, and found this website.

OMG, these are gorgeous.

OTOH, I would NOT use this figure as a groom on *my* wedding cake. It looks like he'd rather be anywhere but on top of a cake with a GIRL. Poor fairy boy. (Then again, the bride figurine looks like she's about to sneak poison into his drink, so I'd be unhappy to marry her, too.)

(Now HERE's my idea of a good wedding cake topper. Only the bride bat needs a tiny white veil and the groom bat needs a tiny itty bitty top hat. heehee! :P)

O M Geeee!

Oct. 15th, 2008 09:54 am
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Just in case anyone was thinkin' of perking up their voting life. (or dressing like Wonder Woman or American Maid for Halloween)

Check it out!

(FWIW, I won't be trying for the wonder woman look myownself. I'd have a mental image of me as this when the reality would be more like this. *sigh*)

{edit} ooh, Sexy Maleficient! (The witch from Sleeping Beauty)
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May. 10th, 2008 01:24 pm
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I got air in my front tire that was low. I voted. I went to the Farmers Market and got some coffee & ran into Sir M. but nobody else I recognized. Tried to go to my friend Pat's birthday, but my Google-fu was weak and the directions went bad after I turned off the paved road, so to speak. Lost in Buda is no way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I was hungry and headache-y, so I came back home. Cleaned house a bit for tomorrow's brunch, and now here I am tooling 'round the Internet.

The Magic of Joule shows that [livejournal.com profile] sineater unfriended my ex today.

I'd bet that an attempt was made to suck T. into the "E's Tale of Perfidy" Drama, and T. either ignored or told Skye where to stick it (he was none to patient with her, even when we were together & I asked him to for the sake of family peace), thus leading to the unfriending.

Strangely, I trust my ex not to get involved, no matter what crazy spin anyone tries to put on things. He flat out doesn't give a shit, and that comforts me greatly now.
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My incredibly gorgeous, luscious, curvy, talented, intelligent, and wonderful friend Tura & 11 other beautiful women got together to make this calendar as a benefit for S.ircle o.f S.afety (S.o.S).

Tura sez:

A little about the calendar and the people you're helping when you buy one – The calendar is called "Curves for a Cause" and it's all curvy gals like me…no svelte figures here! (We got T&A for MONTHS...LOL) 100% of the profits will go directly to S.O.S. (Sircle of Safety, don't ask, I didn't come up with the name) which is a central Texas, woman run organization that helps CENTRAL TEXAS women who have been abused get back on their feet. A lot of times when a woman (or man) leaves an abusive relationship, they have to leave with only their kids in their arms and the clothes on their backs. S.O.S. helps get them the little things they need once they're out on their own. (Clothes, furniture, etc…)

The calendars are $20 + 5 for shipping. $15 of that goes to pay for printing, and $5 goes to S.O.S., and 100% of the pleasure goes to your eyes ? We did all the work ourselves (photography, editing, modeling, etc) and we did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. Way better than last year. At the very least it deserves a gander. I know it's late (or early) for a calendar release but if we gather $100 to help these women then HEY that's $100 and well worth it to me and them.

Anyway, I know I'm not the only one here with a big bleeding heart, so I URGE everyone who can to PLEASE go buy a calendar. You can get them at http://www.cafepress.com/curvrageous (Sorry folks, no nipples….this was a "clean and family friendly" project…..although I did try to convince them "How do you think families get made in first place?")

I'm comp illit so if that link didn't work, copy/paste

At least go give it a looksee. I'm March! So you'll just have to suffer looking at my cleavage all month long. Cry about it. LOL

Love and hugs to ALL,
tura belle

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