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Day 1: 4/12/16
Fly from Austin TX to Houston TX
Fly from Houston TX to Belize City
Taxi from Belize City to Water Taxi station
Water Taxi to Caye Caulker
(whew!) Read more... )

Day 2: April 13
Caye Caulker
Fry Jacks, The Lazy Lizard, Conch Ceviche, Fruity umbrella drinks at the Banyan Tree, new friends (two and four legged), and fish with the heads still on. Read more... )

Day 3: April 14, 2016
Caye Caulker to San Ignacio
Water Taxi from Caye Caulker to Belize City
Bus from Belize City to Belmopan
Transfer to bus from Belmopan to San IgnacioRead more... )

Day 4: San Ignacio
Scattered Adventures with a chance of crankypantsRead more... )

Day 5: April 16, 2016
San Ignacio
The Saturday Market & meeting the Goddess Ixcacao Read more... )

Day 6: San Ignacio to Belize City
In which Mel is our hero & finds us an air conditioned, wi-fi equipped comfortable ride back to Civilization. Read more... )

Day 7: April 18, 2016
Belize City
Breakfast, post office trip, dinner with the gang
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Last day. April 19, 2016
last minute shopping & serendipity
flying: Belize City to Houston
Houston to Austin.
Home & bed. Read more... )

It was only a week, but I feel like we were gone forever. I went new places, saw new things, did new things, ate new things, drank new things, learned new things..and now I'm forgetting most of them. So I'm glad I got pictures and I'm glad to be writing them all down here. Hope you enjoyed! I know I did.
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Got home last night from pretty much the best con I've ever been to. We had such a fine time. Met new friends, steampunks and regular folks on the street, danced and drank and goofed around, hugged and laughed and listened to music and shopped and learned to fight with canes or parasols. Learned more about tea duelling and teapot racing, just too much fun.

here are photos. & videos.

And a post from the main organizer, host, MC. Doc Phineas, a gentleman and a scholar, a wonderful human being who made each and every person feel welcome.

I am getting the most beautiful letters emails and phone messages from people tears eyed who do not want the love they...

Posted by Kenneth Kastler on Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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NOV 3, 2013

Sun Depart New Orleans 5:00 PM
Mon At Sea
Wed Montego Bay 8:00 AM 4:00 PM
Thu George Town, Grand Cayman 8:00 AM 4:00 PM
Fri Cozumel, Mexico 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Sat At Sea
Sun Arrive New Orleans 8:00 AM

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It's finally here!!!


I'm working the ticket booth from open to 6pm Saturday, come say hi and enjoy a day in the Weird Wild West!
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Today's thought from Hazelden is:


"This week, I went scuba diving," a man told me. "Hadn't done it for years. I forgot how much doing something I love, even for one afternoon, can change my entire outlook on life."

It's easy to tell ourselves we can't have what we want and can't do what we want. And sometimes, we can't. But once in a while, even for an afternoon, it is helpful to treat yourself.

How long has it been since you did something you loved? Are you willing to be open to what excites and inspires you? If you can't do what you love, can you find passion in what you are doing? 

You are reading from the book:

52 Weeks of Conscious Contact by Melody Beattie

52 Weeks of Conscious Contact © 2003 by Melody Beattie. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the permission of Hazelden.


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just got done having an exchange with one of the most passive agressive people i've met in a while (pot, kettle, shush. I know. Workin on it!)

The unofficial organizer/alpha bitch/cutest geekette of the GeekCruise gang posted today about changing our cruise due to some of the ports are in countries having political unrest.

I responded with my concerns--that it had taken quite some time for the group to settle on this sailing, that some folks had already booked and paid deposits, and that she had not liked Jamaica for safety concerns, but those of us who went did fine. And if Carnival has to skip a port, we'd be likely to pick up some freebies or discounts to appease us, so win, even if we skip a port.

Her reply was 'I was not making up how dangerous Jamaica is, I'm just trying to keep people safe. Sorry for caring about peoples' safety'

So I called her on the passive agressive, and clarified that i was not calling her a liar re:Jamaica, restated my points, and asked her not to pull any more passive agressive on me because it's 'unhelpful, unfair, and unkind'

She then deleted the whole conversation and posted 'everything's shiny'

I dislike this sort of non resolution and non discussion. I dislike being characterized as someone who does not care about everyone's safety because I would not do what she wanted me to do.

I did my best to be honest and kind. It may not have been THE best thing to do, but it was MY best, and I'm not angry or ashamed of myself. I will feel sad if we end up losing her and the geek cruisers as friends over it, but I will not be angry or bitter. I will accept the consequences.

Oh well...I'm annoyed but I will not die. I like the geek cruise folks but I will not feel too bad if they all end up following PA Alpha on another sailing.

the deletery bits Read more... )

And fooey, I don't have any of mine, she deleted them and my own FB posts don't go to my gmail box.

Oh well. Probably for the best.

The FB email: Read more... )
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Old boy #1: That Obama can't make a decision worth a shit. It took him 3 months to decide what kinda dog to git.

Old boy #2: *nodnod*

Old boy #1: (in tones of utter disgust) And then he picked a POODLE.
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One of my hairdresser's coworkers is organizing a bus trip to The Texas Renaissance Festival on 11/7.

$45 for adults and $35 for kids gets you a ride from Austin to TRF and back, a ticket in to the faire, and breakfast goodies on the morning of the trip.

Her name is Victoria and her # is (512) 653 4177, email vjd3800 [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Thax & I would love some company at faire on this day. If $ is the only thing holding you back, it may be possible for me to treat you!
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[robinandcompany] Shout it from the Mountain Tops
Tuesday, September 1, 2009 8:53 AM
From: "rengypsy"

dear friends,

we want to make september 19th gathering our grandest and most well attended.Read more... )

<*> To visit your group on the web, go to:

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got this in email yesterday & passing it along:

Tell Your Friends, Tell Your Enemies! Everyone who attends the show on Sunday October 5th at the Mucky Duck in Houston, TX, will receive a FREE Wine and Alchemy Shirt!!!

The show starts at 6pm and we will be performing many new songs with a 5 piece line up. Mark will be bringing out a Sitar and Roxanne will be bringing out her new instrument, the harmonium for a couple of tunes including their new arrangement of Kashmir.

Once again, When: October 5th, 6pm

Where: The Mucky Duck located at 2425 Norfolk in Houston, TX

Tickets: $10, advanced tickets available at the Mucky Duck

We are also performing in Corpus Christi on Saturday, October 4th at 8:30pm at Yin Yang Fandango and the Tango Tea Room. Tickets $5.

If you haven't checked out our myspace page or our website, here are the links: www.wineandalchemy.com and www.myspace.com/wineandalchemy

We look forward to performing for you, -Wine and Alchemy


May. 10th, 2008 01:24 pm
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I got air in my front tire that was low. I voted. I went to the Farmers Market and got some coffee & ran into Sir M. but nobody else I recognized. Tried to go to my friend Pat's birthday, but my Google-fu was weak and the directions went bad after I turned off the paved road, so to speak. Lost in Buda is no way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I was hungry and headache-y, so I came back home. Cleaned house a bit for tomorrow's brunch, and now here I am tooling 'round the Internet.

The Magic of Joule shows that [livejournal.com profile] sineater unfriended my ex today.

I'd bet that an attempt was made to suck T. into the "E's Tale of Perfidy" Drama, and T. either ignored or told Skye where to stick it (he was none to patient with her, even when we were together & I asked him to for the sake of family peace), thus leading to the unfriending.

Strangely, I trust my ex not to get involved, no matter what crazy spin anyone tries to put on things. He flat out doesn't give a shit, and that comforts me greatly now.
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I had a very pleasant weekend. I took 107 pictures. I am tired & either sunburned or windburned or both. But it was a great little mini-vacation and I had a good time.

Friday, I wandered. I stopped in San Marcos at The Paper Bear, which is a giant card, gift, and party store that has just about everything. I got my mascot for the weekend: a greeting card with a Majestic Sea Goddess on the front. (In typical ironic fashion, turns out She was merely art for the front of a ship's menu. However, She was my guiding spirit for the weekend and all went well, largely thanks to keeping in perspective that one person's Goddess is another person's invitation to Alka Seltzer city.)

Mapquest gave me some goofy directions, but I found Dry Comal Creek Vineyards & the Poteet Country Winery, got great directions from a guy at a Shamrock (may the gods and goddesses bless him for life!) and found my way to Aransas Pass, TX.

Mapquest *really* screwed up the hotel directions. Once in A.Pass, 35 basically runs smack into the hotel. Seriously, it T's right into where my hotel is. But Mapquest insisted I go right and then right again...which was wrong. So I got lost as a goose, but then finally stumbled across the hotel, got checked in, did some quick yoga, got dinner at the local grocery store, and crashed early.

Saturday, I went out to Ingleside Faire 'round 8 a.m. I was hoping to meet up with my dear E, SIL & their rescued person/helper-person, but I never saw them. (Turns out they'd gotten to faire site at 5 a.m. and were already well inside the faire grounds, so I never saw them.)

Anyway, while I waited in the car, I finished up Excalibur, which was book 3 of Bernard Cornwell's King Arthur trilogy, which I amazingly managed to find all of them in the library as I needed them.

Then it was 9:15, I was hungry and cold so I went back into Aransas Pass where I'd seen a very promising-looking establishment for breakfast.

My SIL thinks I have a great instinct for finding wonderful, offbeat places to go, but it's really very trial and error. Obviously, since I never share my failures with anyone, she doesn't realize that for every good restaurant, shop or off-the-beaten-path destination I stumble across, I also endure some of the most embarassing, dreadful, and just plain horrific experiences imaginable. Admittedly, however, it's really nice that someone thinks I have this wonderful unerring talent. Very ego-gratifying.

But, I digress: Cafe Bakery (Or was it Bakery Cafe?) was exactly the kind of place one should have breakfast: odors of coffee, bacon, an cigarette smoke as soon as you walk in, comfortably worn carpet & seats. Not yet shabby, but lived in. Sassy waitresses with big smiles, TV turned to the news & weather station, a table of ol' boys in their camo, getting a big breakfast before spending the day out hunting or fishing. Local policeman sharing breakfast with his sister, brother in law, and niece, gossiping about the rent-a-cops at the local grocery store. In jokes & conversations where everyone is referred to by first name. Great coffee. And...

The Biscuits of God.

I may re-think my wicked ways and try to get to Heaven, because if I do, these biscuits will surely be waiting on His right hand at God's breakfast table.

Yum yum.

Good lord, I'm several hundred words into this and I've only gotten to breakfast.

Fast forward:

Faire. Turns out last-minute helper/rescuee was SIL's youngest lover. He has decided he likes me and I'm cool. Very worrysome. He says I talk like I'm on South Park. I think it was a compliment.

I didn't see much at faire that I wanted to buy. There was a lot of basic garb stuff, nothing I had to have. I did buy 4 soaps from one booth & got some good advice on making clear soap. I can't wait to give it a try--I will make some clear soap yet!

In the tavern/food court area, I ran into one of the alt.fairs.renaissance folks & we visited a bit. That was fun.

Left faire 1-ish, went to Port A for lunch. Had a miss there. It looked like a great place for fresh seafood to take home and cook yourself, though.

Walked on the beach. Collected shells.

Back to faire. Hung out until faire closing, helped E, SIL, and Rescuee a bit with putting stuff away for tomorrow.

Back to hotel, changed clothes. Off to Corpus Christi to have dinner and see the Brobdingnagian Bards, who happened to be playing an Irish Pub in C.C. the same weekend as Ingleside. Coincidences are so cool.

BUT: I got lost as a goose, drove across the bridge about 5 times, gave up, had dinner at Blackbeard's. Another miss. Rather odd live music. Loud drunk Bikers. A giant table full of even louder spoiled girls (sorority or high school? Could not tell! Agh, I'm getting old!)

Back to hotel, crashed & burned.

Sunday: Dragged E, SIL, and The Rescued Waif to Cafe Bakery (or was it Bakery Cafe?) for breakfast. Drank wayy too much coffee and got a little silly. But I think it was good. Saw them off in the direction of Ingleside, headed the opposite direction for the Corpus Christi Aquarium. I had time to kill before it opened, so I went to the marina, found where the bards had played. Found it very easily in daylight, of course. Took pictures of a piratey looking boat. Peed in the yacht club bathroom, that was swank. Walked along the water a bit. Then went back across the bridge, walked on Corpus Christi beach, made a little shrine with the shells I'd found at Port A yesterday, took pictures of my Sea Goddess shrine, walked around barefoot, then went to the aquarium.

Getting to the aquarium first thing on a Sunday is a fine thing. No people at all. The staff was very friendly. I saw water birds, petted sharks and rays, tripped out on some comb jellies & other jellyfish, and saw a really big fucking grouper who is going to give me nightmares. OH! AND a blue lobster! I crawled through the kid-exhibits, laid down on the floor of the underwater dolphin observatory and got eye-to-eye with a dolphin. I got to see one of them pee, too. That was...unique.

Then I saw the dolphins do some tricks for their actual 'show' (depressing: they are both a bit over 19 years old, and both male. I wanted to ask if they ever got female company. I wanted to ask how long Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins live. But...I am afraid I would have been more depressed knowing the answers) then went to lunch (a hit), then on back to Austin, listening to loud 80's hair bands and singing along the whole way.

Did I mention I took 107 pictures?


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