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Persistence and endurance,
your two great assets,
have alwyas pulled you through
every storm.
While loved ones and
some associates
have sometimes found you to be
and obsessively self-serving,
you strive to be remarkably fair.
Fairness demands
you pay no attention
to any fears that you are being
fooled or decieved
or plotted against.
Retaining an unemotional balance
and ability to
assess a situation,
strip it down
to its bare bones and essentials,
and rationally approach
a solution
that will be acceptable
by all the parties invovled
work without distractions..

Keep it together. Keep it together.
It’s probably bedlam
to the tenth power right now,
and the chaos around you on the outside
is not doing a darned thing
to calm your interior mind.
Or maybe it’s the other way around.
Maybe it’s your inner Self that is
roiling and rolling and pulling
every which way to Sunday.
Maybe the simplest thing is
to suspend your projections, fears, paranoia or real,
all the noise and clanging going on within you
and just do one task at a time.
Deal with the kids.
Deal with work.
Keep your regime.
Get exercise.
That will definitely do more
than chewing on it over and over and over.



We all agree that when situations get hairy,
there's usually safety in numbers.
If you can find enough allies
to support your position
you won't be drummed out of the Corps.
There are times, however,
when the politics of associations
can become so byzantine
and imposisbly complex,
that you find you suddenly
do NOT belong
where you once found comfort.
It is then that you must resort
to withdrawal,
the better part of valor,
and turn to a more
intimate sort of
and your own personal
could be your answers now.

There's little doubt that
you've had your issues with
working nicely with a certain group of people.
There are moments when
politics do not mix with
human dynamics.
Can you just pick up your marbles
and go home?
Now you are seeing how difficult it can be
and how sometimes
maybe you have to do just that--
pick up your marbles
and go off into the sunset.
As much as you may have
avoided the more intimate
forms of relationship,
you need to turn to them now
find out what
love is truly all about.

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25 november 2013

Not sure whether to
slap that hand...

Or grasp it ?
AS Venus enters its
retrograde shadow,
relationships deepen
as old old old stories emerge.
This week the dark of the moon
reminds you that before you go
on a high consciousness trip
parading off into the sunset,
there's that requires handling,
even you feel half dead.
Right now
you're halfin the light
half half in the dark.
Dark side?
Not really.
It's just the instinctual
to survive
that reaches up from
and reminds your higher mind
that it's still there.
If you acknowledge it,
you're creative and whole.
If you deny it,
it'll getcha.


25 november

It's not difficult to see the link

between true intimacy

and an expanded consciousness.

A little more obscure

when we consider

ethics and finance,

taxes, wills and legacies.

You have allowed yourself

to become connected

(some would call it enmeshed0

to individuals

whom you respect and need

and at the same time

are secretly wary of.

Trust would come easier

if some people

we could mention

werent so withholding

and were more open

to full disclosure.

But they aren't.

from the November eclipse

Five things you can do right now

1.Get out of your own head.

2. Stop acting single if you're not.

(If you are, be true to companion.)

3.Show appreciation to the one who bugs you.

4..Listen to good advice.

Read "Made In Heaven".

for a deeper explanation

of your five thngs,

click nere


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25 november

You are only half available

in any relationshiplable

right now

and dont even try to blame it on

the fact that you're a Gemini.

You're just not totally present

phsyically or otherwise.

You claim you're

very busy

(it's true, you are).

you say your health regime

demands attentiont

(true, it does).

The reality is,

sixth house issues

keep you

needing space


unable to be emotionally present

for any relationship


Is it just a good excuse?

Only your shrink knows

for sure.

from the november eclipse

1.Limit fantasy time.

2.Forget short cuts. Do the work.

3. Stay off the hard stuff and all crap food.

4.See job as good luck.

5.Strive for purity in service.

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It's not really about the money.

It's more an issue of

having the freedom to fly,

and no matter how you shake it,

the ethics surrounding

the political aspect of dealing

on a large financial level

with the Big Kids,

is becoming


more attractive,


strictly abhorrent.

Alliances you still believe in

are drawing you deeper into

a group goal,

with a promise of Utopian bliss

on both sides.

It's impossible to tell if

this is a aviable vision

or simply wishful thinking

and dangerous naivete.

Somehow there need to be

a sane and healthy balance,


a Higher Comminity Effort

that will benefit everybody


just a dream.

Go into your ML messages and reread

the Neptune in Pisces for


If you don't have it, get it here .

keyword: fiendship


also from last week 1.Get out of your own head.

2. Stop acting single if you're not.

(If you are, be true to companion.)

3.WHole appreciation to the one who bugs you.

4..Listen to good advice.

5.Read "Made In Heaven".

for a deeper explanation

of your five thngs,

click nere


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Although it is wholly practical

and definitely appropriate

to think about

wills and legacies,

who gets what, when and especially


you don't want to

start thinking in vulture terms

even before such issues

become manifest.

There are debts to be paid, however,

so you cna't avoid

thinking about and talking about


that old pain in the butt.

Above it all,

you have a vision.

It's a dream

of a contribution you would like to make

and a way you would like to be

known and remembered.

That takes

a lot lot lot lot lot

of dedication and patience,

not to mention faith.Go into your ML messages and reread

the Neptune in Pisces for


If you don't have it, get it here .
keyword achievement

also from last week 1.Limit fantasy time.

2.Forget magic short cuts. Do the work.

3. Stay off the hard stuff and all crap food.

4.See job as good luck.

5.Strive for purity in service.

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14 october 2013
Before we plunge into the
heart of Scorpio next week
in the waning Moon this week
there's a little matter
to clear up from last year.
For most of 2012,
during Saturn's point of exaltation,
powerful lasting bonds were formed,
while others, once thought eternal,
Relationships don't end, however.
People maymove away, split up
go on their own paths, or die.
Relationships merely move to another level.
It all depends on how you deal.


You're a passionate person,
with appetites and desires,
that are not easily satiated.
Not just for chocolate and sex,
but for all thee rich experiences
and pleasures to be found on
all corners of the Earth. .
At the same time Tauruses are also
fiercely loyal and true of heart,
so sometimes there's
a bit of a tussle
between ardent yearnings
and purity of heart.
Love conquers in the end, though,
doesn't it?
And, oh, yeah,any work stuff still dragging on?
If you need to refresh your memory,reread or get the message from 2012

Making healthy choices is the ticket.



Anyone who an find and hang on to
a loving, supportive partner
is one lucky Gemini.
Although deep down
you still feel unsettling rumblings
at the pit of your stomach,
with Venus in your seventh house now,
you should appreciate
the mind-expanding,
lift you get from connections
with those with enough
wisdom and kindness
to dispel many bugaboos
that cause you those irritating
itches and aches.

And, oh, yeah,
What about the love, youonger people and children thing?
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Feng Shui your life and make a commitment to simplifying messy situations,

which by the way cannot be avoided right now.

This Lunation is in opposition to Chiron and Neptune. So Virgos, obviously someone has disappointed you. Come to think of it, you don't have to be a Virgo to be disappoitned by people right now, mainly because here's the weird image for the month for a lot of people (and for Virgos the next few years!)

It's what happens when Cinderella discovers a few of the Prince's habits.

It's all about the aftermath of romance and the choices that remain.
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Seven planets in Pisces at the start of the monthly cycle is either

I am safe. I am well. I am a blessed child of the Universe. I will prevail. I love all beings. I am comforted. My faith in life will carry me through.


Oh, shit. Why bother to take a shower? I'll only get dirty again.


We all know that humanity would be a hell of a lot better off if we could just quietly eliminate those weasels we believe have forfeited their right to be part of the gang. That is not exactly how true altruism is supposed to work, however. We are supposed to get over our ethnic, social or group prejudice and private paranoia. We are seeking to surrender our ferocious need to control outcomes and sometimes just allow other people lead us, especially if they know better where we are going than we do.Sure faith in people is great, but what about the jerks we’d rather get rid of?



The people who have really achieved the impossible dreams in this lifetime didn’t sit around, thinking, " Gosh, I would so love to do such-and-such or so-and-so. I just don’t know how to do it or where do begin." They just got up, went out and did it. Boom. Period. Crazy or not. They stuck with it. Sure it takes work: backbreaking, day-in-day-out ditch-digging, detailed, routine old-fashioned work, but let’s face it. You either chase your passion and become terrific at it or slave at a day job for the rest of your life , chasing a security that we have already seen does not exist any more–if it ever did. Sacrifice something either way. The dream is worth it, isn’t it?
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monday 18 february


GUESS WHAT! Now that Saturn has begun to move backwards and you

have seen just how low you cna feel about yourself--worthless, weak,

helpless, paralyzed, focused on every stupid mistake youv'e ever made

that led you to this loser place,

well, If you don't like where you're at


Take your time

Recovery is likely to be slow

and dont get all ridiculous and grandiose.

Do not rush it or cut corners.

Remember this, however.

(The person who feels half-dead

in business or love and family life,

health or career, spiritually or emotionally)



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Here's where being a cusp-baby comes in handy. Flighty ADD Gemini tendencies keep the Taurean side from obsessing or brooding too terribly much, and Taurus stick-to-it-iveness keeps Gemini on task when it really matters. I do the boring work, all right. And I do it well. And when Gemini side shoots off her mouth about being healthier, Taurus hauls the carcass up off the couch and says, "OK, then. I'm gonna put the money where your mouth is, you're not gonna make a liar out of me,"



Probably because many members of your Sign are not consciously aware of the Taurean magnetic power of attraction, they seek out dark, mysterious figures they think are sexier than they are. Fact is, you draw such people to you simply for the intrinsic sexiness you possess. It’s not always a fabulous roll in the hay, however. Sometimes the people you are closest to you are not fully available, or even up front and forthcoming concerning what is going on with them. While their lack of candor or responsiveness is frustrating, it may also be what turns you on.



Whoever said the Devil is in the details probably hated hard work. Around the corner on the road you are traveling now could lie success and well being such as you have never known. There is no fast food recipe for it, however. When it comes to this current part of your life, you have to chop those veggies, clean up your diet, take no shortcuts, allow yourself no indulgences, and stop feeding people the nonsense that you are doing everything to stay healthy. That is simply not true. Careerwise? Kindly get over yourself. You can have all the success in this crazy business you want. Forget the insurance. Do the BORING work.
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The combination of a Solar eclipse and the turning of an outer planet indicates a not so subtle shift in energy and power structures, both in the world politics and your personal life. Saturn in Scorpio in this current solar eclipse represents the super rational, controlling forces that run the world. Or the people in charge think they do. Neptune in Pisces, on the other hand, eventually usually wins by slow, impassive, unconscious encroachment of the emotions upon the mental faculties.

Taken together, at best: miracles. At worst: total war between flesh and spirit. Watch it in your own life.


It’s pretty simple. You may fight advice, guidance or help, but in the end you’ll see that somebody possibly knows what’s best for you, at leat right nw. You can’t live totally on your own now. The eclipse on the north node with Saturn in Scorpio, reminds you that despite your noble efforts to be independent, there are moments in your life when it is way more prudent to let people’s magic fingers touch and heal whatever ails you. Naturally you don’t want to be bossed or pushed around, but you so need to allow people in your life. It’s not the time to be cynical or clannish or let old prejudices interfere with friendships. You have to hope others feel the same way.



If you have a vision, notion or fantasy of how you want to be remembered by the people you touch, other than scandal, you have to nurture your vision and manifest it. There are such things as magical, divine interventions and miracles that lead people forward in their quest for fulfillment of their dreams. That is the function of Neptune going direct in your Midheaven at the top of your astrological chart. Another ingredient is work.. Only by focusing and doing the dirty work can you remain healthy and strong enough to stay sane and on target to make your wishes come true. You have to keep functioning and not depend on the future to just happen by accident. The Universe guides you, but you have to turn the wheel.
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I so wish I could tell you it's all over. It's all behind you. The insane Full Moon, Saturn departure from Libra trauma of the last few weeks, the whole 1982-84 thing, the entire

flip and move from one life to another, not to mention the

impossible past life or high school love event

the Venus transit of last May and June hit you with.

It just isn't over.

You still have a few things to iron out.

The New Moon in the last decan of Libra happens to be void.

So the cosmic message is... we must all spend MORE time and effort

assessing what has happened,

hashing and rehashing it over for the trillionth time

in the hopes of getting closer to a resolution,

which probably still won't be fully possible for months.

Just as you are putting the dishes back on the shelves the shaking starts all over again. An emotional earthquake such as this one is bound to cause aftershocks.

It's the normal course of events and you have to deal with it.

They are also called consequences for your actions.


15 OCTOBER 2012

Special Message to Everyone From Michael Lutin

REMEMBER THIS FROM 10 SEPTEMBR? Now yo usee how true it is turning out to be.

Here we go. We are about to being a new chapter. It’ can be scary, mainly because it means giving up the notion that the reality we have created with all the cast of characters is about to shift significantly. You need to rise to the challenge of casting off the old and breathing in the fresh air of the new. In fact, the only thing that lasts forever is your ability to see life as the kaleidoscope of change that it is.

That brings happiness.



You definitely need help getting organized. Handling details and functioning at a top level of performance is quite a different matter from obsessing and controlling your environment so it remains totally unchanged. Such a feat is impossible right now. Changes way beyond your control are happening every instant and you cannot rely on procrastination or denial to see you through the eye of that particular needle. You have to finish all the things you have left undone now, and for that you have to call on some people who at the moment are sharper than you.

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Obviously now that Saturn has changed signs you’re probably feverishly cleaning up your act, paring down and simplifying your life so that it is spotless and pure, from the inside out. For what purpose you don’t really know except you know it’s time to clean up. In a way it helps to heal from the threat of the loss of love as well has putting you back in control of your life and not quite so in the clutches of your own heart. As ususal you are probably in two places about the whole thing and still trying to figure out how to stay healthy and independent while overcoming the fear of being left.
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F I N A L L Y.........................

the train is leaving the station.
Can you feel it?

As both Venus and Saturn come to a stop before moving forward,
you can sense a momentum gathering
a denouement in your drama is about to unfold
if you're awake you get it

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As above the mad search for money as many Tauruses try to be, some days you can shake your fists at the sky, do a rain dance, chant, pray and swear you’ll behave if God gives you one more chance financially, but, nothing happens! At other times, it pours in. Coins rain from heaven just when you think, ‘I’m cooked.” It’s not unlike the fluctuation of World Markets. You have to ask yourself if it’s really all random, just the result of public mood and confidence, or who is manipulating it all from behind the scenes.



Go look at yourself in the mirror right now. Just close the door, take off your clothes and take a good long look. You are probably not hysterically in llove with what you see. Don’t fret. It’s all fixable. Just not overnight. You have most likely been doing superficial things to cover up the fact that you have been letting yourself go. Maybe thinking you’re too old, or too fat, or too thin or not enough of something else to be loved. WRONG! Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder. It’s also vastly cultural. The real secret to beauty lies deep inside your own head and how you wish to be perceived by the world. Don’t make drastic moves or resort to rash acts or crazy diets. Just take a good long look in the mirror and decide how you want to change it over the next several months.

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Ethics aside, just merely on a human level, you can’t think only of yourself now. As annoyingly impenetrable and intensely controlling as some people may be, you do still have their welfare to think about and consider, beside your own. Maybe you should ask yourself why it is that you have been continually drawn to magnetic, powerful creatures who demand your loyalty and yet share very little about themselves. Once you find out, it’s usually too late and you’re hooked. Right now it IS a matter of ethics.

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Kindly forgive the preachiness of the message: If you want to put an end to the spooky, persistent thought that you are about to fall off the end of the Earth, the solution is simple. Merely stop putting so much crap into your body, and get out and exercise. At least take a walk around the block to clear your head. The debt thing pursues us all, but if you can focus on work and devote yourself to developing a passion that inspires you, you will live longer. Or at least better.

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It's the pleasure principle.

Tauruses have been going through some pretty rough patches over the last few weeks

(call it defeatism, exhaustion, paranoia, even excessive self-loathing or destructiveness)

You can't blame them really. That last New Moon on Uranus in their twelfth house nearly convinced them that it was all over.

Renewed now, they're back to their jolly pursuit of prosperity and pleasure.

It's not only Tauruses, however.

Wherever you have Taurus in your horosocope, you will feel renewed zeal and eagerness

to do everything you can to enjoy life again.

And not only oral.

Tauruse represents the fruitfulness of everything life on Earth can offer.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, it's not about greed at all.


Without Taurus

everything around you would be shabby.
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The money thing? Stop fretting. It should already be get better. A least from all indications there’s certainly a glimmer of a reason to be upbeat and not just falsely putting on a face of optimism. Painstaking details, slow moving diplomatic work and worked out negotiations will be the only way to settle long term issues. As far as your health is concerned, you don’t go down easily, but frankly, if you work out in a gym all day, then eat or drink all night, you figure it out. Be sure to reread your Saturn in Libra message this week. .
Listen to your kidneys. They’ll tell you what’s up.



Mercury going direct and Venus entering your sign are both telling you to perk up, clear your head a bit and get pretty. For what we can’t exactly say. Your love life is fascinating, if only from a clinical point of view. It’s not that you lack admirers. There are plenty of people around, even if you think you are alone with nobody to understand you. If the teenage romance isn’t there right now, which it isn’t, it’s only because love is not always about the music and the moonlight. Be sure to reread your Saturn in Libra message this week. .
Sometimes it includes the pain of going without.


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