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Not in the same way that people do--for example, your cat or dog will never laugh at you for falling and hurting yourself, but other humans will think that's hilarious.

I think they do have a sense of play which is not quite the same thing. Play is for bonding with your pack/herd/flock/pride and also for honing hunting skills & keeping your body well exercised. I also think they also might find it gratifying (maybe funny?) when they can pull one over on a stupid pink monkey, like sneaking or wrestling a toy or treat away from you, or surprising you by jumping out of hiding.
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I just wanted to apologize to anyone at Moviegasm that I saw, didn't see, ignored, or was rude to in the 5 minutes it took for me to arrive, have my dog get chewed on by another dog, and leave again.

I don't have a coherent time line of memory for what happened. I have some bits and pieces, but not the full picture We had just walked in and started putting away the things we brought with us. The Dogs were all swarming around the door, sniffing and carrying on, and then the next thing I know, Maggie was jumping on Lady and they were both barking. Maggie kept taking bites of Lady's shoulders, the back of her neck, and got her on her back and was going for her throat. They were fighting and getting closer and closer to [livejournal.com profile] dicemonkey's baby. I saw him moving to pick up the baby, but it didn't seem like anyone was getting to the baby fast enough. I couldn't move fast enough. I was trying to get my legs between the dogs, I knew enough to keep my hands away from dog mouths and trying to grab Maggie's collar. I think I was yelling, but I don't really remember. Then I was near or on the stairs with the dog? Then I was outside with Thax and Throm brought me some icee stuff. Then I was inside and Goudananda said something to me but I don't remember. And then downstaris getting stuff out of the library/tv room fridge and cussing at Oracle_tx (I don't remember what I said. I'm really sorry) and then I pushed Freyapax out of the way and then I was in the car crying on arthurthedented. So...that all sucked. It really freaked me out and I just needed to get home.

Lady is cleaned up and none the worse for it. I checked around her neck and shoulders for punctures, but I think she was too fluffy for any of Maggie's attempts at taking out her throat.

I wish I could have calmed the fuck down, gotten the fuck over myself and had a nice time after that but I just couldn't do it. I'm really sorry to have missed a good party and a nice visit with friends.

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Animal Domestic Abuse: The Silent Victims
Many homes where there is spousal abuse there is also animal abuse. Many of the abused put off leaving for fear of what will happen to their beloved pets.
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Cleaning out my digital camera this evening, thought I'd share:

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I sent off a cashier's check this a.m. to Connie, to get Paulie
treated for heartworm. Slight bit of reading online on the disease.
1) ick. and 2) they will retest in 4 months to see if they're gone.
If not, more treatment. Another $325, I imagine. Ick.

I bitched in my LJ about the money. [livejournal.com profile] sineater offered to help out with
Paulie's vet bills, too. He just started working fulltime again about
a month ago, and as far as I know, despite [livejournal.com profile] skye_ds' recent ebay spree,
they don't have a pot to piss in. Makes me feel pretty low down &
dirty for bitching about it at all. The important things here are,
first & best: Paulie has good people who are taking care of him; and
2) I had the money to spend. It's money I won't have for Vegas or
whatever, BUT I had it and I didn't *need* it to live. So I'm not
gonna bitch about it anymore. My brother's generous heart when he's got
nothing makes me humble & sad. and grateful. really really grateful.


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