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Attention, Citizens.

While we were having a meta moment of political theatre at the theatre, the following items may have escaped your notice:

Russia has a missile that can reach US soil in 12 minutes, that is practically impossible to detect or intercept.
(What are you going to do with the last 12 minutes of your life?)

President Elect(oral college) Trump introduced his daughter Ivanka to Japanese leaders. sending a pretty darn clear message about his intentions to use his place in the White House to enrich his business interests. Too subtle for you? OK, then, he just straigt-up telephoned the President of Argentina to get him to put in a good word on some Trump properties pending down thataway. Oh, that's outrageous! Why didn't the American press report on it? Because they have been bought. Trump better hope his check doesn't bounce....or the press may turn on him like a badly-housetrained Chihuahua. (Ok, so it won't hurt him much, but it will be shrill and obnoxious.)

Trump settled the Trump University fraud lawsuit for $25 million. The one he said he wouldn't ever settle. Seriously, this guy flip flops worse than a hooked fish in a bass boat. He makes waffles look like stable edifices.

Protestors protecting sacred burial grounds, and, more importantly, safe clean water for everyone, were sprayed with water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures.

White supremacists held a rally in DC to support Trump, featuring the Nazi salute, and, hey Tila fuckin Tequila, cuz that's fun.

Steve Bannon, Trump's right hand fella, expressed admiration for Darth Vader, Dick Cheney, and Satan.
I don't know what's worse, the fact that he so strongly identifies with repressive authoritarians who have been widely recognized as 'the enemy' and 'evil' or that two of them are fictional characters.

Texas has introduced a bill that would force educators to out their LGBTQ students to their parents. I fail to see how that has anything to do with education; it seems the only point of the bill is to waste taxpayer time and money, waste teachers' time, and open up closeted children to possible abuse and eviction by clueless bigoted parents.

Meanwhile, the gaslighting continues as the Trumpence war machine continues to insist that their guys didn't say the things they are on record as saying--either video taped, or their own social media comments, and the Trumpence hate machine continues to refuse to take a stance against the violence and hate crimes being committed in the name of the president-elect, refusing to speak against the 'alt right' (read: White Supremacists, read: Trump Supporters, Trump Voters, Trump Followers) perpetrating these crimes.

The alleged 'nice people' who voted for Trump also remain steadfastly silent in the wake of their fellow Trump Voters behaving hatefully and destructively. If you won't speak against them or stand against them, then you are just as guilty, folks.

In the meantime, out here in the nonpolitical (haha) world, we still need jobs that pay enough to live on. We need health care. We need safe places to live, safe food to eat, and safe water to drink. We need education that we can afford. We need our leaders to listen to the scientific community which tells us that climate change is real and our planet is in crisis. We need our business leaders and political leaders to step up. We need law enforcement to enforce the laws--ie: ARREST a certain CROOKED BUSINESSMAN-TURNED-POLITICAN and HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE for the crimes he has committed (is continuing to commit)!
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As far as TX politics goes, we're a blue island in an ocean of angry, ignorant red. And there's nothing I personally can do to keep the electoral vote of this state from going to Mittens the Mormon Cowboy and Ryan the Rape apologist in the presidential election. But, I donated to Christie Vilsack, the woman running against Ryan and while I'm at it, Claire McCaskill, the one running against Todd Akin, too.

Go get 'em, LADIES!
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BTW, Newty-newt, the time to ask your partner for an open relationship is BEFORE you start sleeping with other people. EVEN I KNOW THAT AND I SUCKED AT POLY!

Honestly, I think it would be great to have more politicians who are in non traditional relationships that involve OPENNESS & HONESTY with their partner(s). Too bad politics is all about who can be the biggest, richest, most lyin-ist fuckbag out there.
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It's political, it's nasty, and it's rude as hell, it's AWESOME and it's the motherfuckin' troof. Don't click it if you can't handle it. Who says nihilists can't have fun.

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From Tom DeLay asking homeless Katrina Victims "Is this kind of fun?" to Shrub's "I know it's hard to put food on your family" (how would he know? He was born wealthy, he's never been hungry a day in his life, never had to choose between buying groceries and putting gas in his car or paying bus fare so he could get to work) Mit Romney's recent "Corporations are people" statement...how many more offensive, clueless, completely lacking-in-humanity-or-empathy statements are we going to take from these clueless rich white men before it finally dawns on us that THEY ARE NOT LIKE US. Our reptilian political overlords must be deposed.
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Daily FixRead more... )



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also, along the lines of Rick Perry's political aspirations, this! Bwahahahah!
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Want to have fun, sample delicious food and help the Lilith Fund raise money? This year the Lilith Fund is selling tickets to the Taste North Austin event at the Domain and more than half of the proceeds from every ticket we sell goes toward helping low-income women pay for abortion care. The number of women needing our help keeps rising while our direct services budget is stretched to the max. Your donation or ticket purchase ensures that the Lilith Fund can keep helping women gain equal access to reproductive healthcare.

Taste North Austin takes place at the Domain in North Austin on September 12, 2009 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Taste North Austin will offer guests an opportunity to sample signature menu items from The Domain’s restaurants, as well as other restaurants located in North Austin. Other event components include merchandise sales, children’s activity area, cooking demonstrations, a mixology booth and live music!

We hope you will join us at this event by purchasing your tickets through the Lilith Fund. You can buy tickets between now and September 9 by responding to this email with your order or by calling Mike at 505-3125.

And as always, we welcome your donation to Lilith in any amount. For more information on how to contribute, click here.

Thank you for your support of the Lilith Fund! We could not help the women of Texas without you.

The Lilith Fund
P.O. Box 684949
Austin, TX 78768-4949
Admin: 877-355-1463
Hotline: 877-659-4304
Espanol: 877-355-1461
Fax: 877-659-4304
Email: info @ lilithfund. org
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700 billion? Try 3.5 TRILLION.

Surely I can't be the only person thinking of this ren & stimpy cartoon.

Big Fat Corporate Trash to Struggling Home Town America:

"Save my Walrus!"


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:22 pm
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Bill Hicks says it best!


Meez 3D avatar avatars games

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk, Martin walked so Barack could run, Barack is running so our children can fly."
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Can I get a "FUCK YES!!!"?



"Civility alone does not change people's minds. Civility works to further a conversation. That is a worthy goal, but furthering conversation with complete tools is not always what I want to do. It's generally pointless to spend my energy on trying to get through to brainless, bigoted assholes."

"We should all be polite and nice to one another. Sure. We aren't, though. Most people are fuckups, assholes, shitheads, jerkoffs, or just plain stupid. However, we are not children or animals to be punished by withdrawal of privileges when we do not do what we should. Our gender (or race, or whatever) is not the measure of whether we need to be controlled.

You know what I really think we should all do?

I think we should speak the truth."


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Palin Denies Spending $150,000 on clothes.

NO, no, there were also shoes, purses, cosmetics, and hair products.

150 grand on CLOTHES.

Pshaw. Of course not. If she'd spent 150K on JUST clothes, she'd have had to spend another 100K on the accessories.

She's FRUGAL. I mean, come on, who else could spend almost 5 times my annual salary and come up looking that plain and dumpy? only a Republican.

She was better off rocking the hot mom look.
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I plan to vote early.

Here is a link to early voting places in Austin/Travis County:

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"The choice isn't Republican or Democrat. The choice is you got a guy that's worth $150 million with 12 houses against a guy who's worth a million dollars with one house. The guy with one house really cares about losing a house, because he is homeless. The other guy can lose five houses and still got a bunch of houses."

SRSLY, U guise, let's make sure we have houses and jobs and money and food on the table, FIRST, and THEN we can all get back to poking our noses in our neighbors' bedrooms & making sure we approve of their lifestyle choices.


Oct. 6th, 2008 08:46 am
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Please register to vote if you are not already registered! (for all the non-Austinites on my friends list--you can google search "yourtown" + "register to vote" and find your own local info!)

BTW, if you missed Burlesque the Vote at Antone's Friday night, you missed a GREAT show. I had to go home early and turn into a pumpkin, but i did see about the first 2/3 of the show and it was WONDERFUL. (I gotta get a kazoo!)

PS: This is awesome!
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Actually, Palin did not do as badly against Biden as I'd expected. He did not spank her and send her home crying (I guess I'll have to wait for the movie version). I'm a little disappointed, but I guess not surprised. She was coached to keep hammering away at the same 2 or 3 'talking points', talk 'folksy', and do the 'wide eyed smiling at the camera' thing that is so gosh-darn cute. It was terribly effective. And, because words *do* mean things, I mean terribly in the sense of 'distressing, full of terror,' type terrible.

Did you notice the Reagan-isms? "there you go again!" OMFG. Terrifying.

But, for the love of GOD and all things holy...It's NOT "Nu-kew-lur"...It's Not. I don't care what Homer Simpson and Chimpy in Chief say. If you're planning on blowing up the world with something in order to bring Jesus Christ back to earth, for gods sake, at least have the decency to pronounce it properly. (and, incidentally, why do these arrogant political and religious leaders think they're going to be on God's good side when they force the hand of the Almighty like that?!? Trust His plan...or don't. But don't try and think you know better than the Deity you claim to believe in and serve, dumbasses.)
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Seven hundred billion dollars =

$22889.55 for every man woman and child living in America today. (I don't know about you, but almost 23 thousand dollars would do a lot towards easing my financial burdens...)

23 MILLION years of my annual salary. (I did this calculation twice. I still can't believe it. Musta misplaced a decimal point there, somewhere. Or did I? jeezus tapdancing christ)

Almost 40 MILLION Turbo Diesel Volkswagen Beetles

175 BILLION gallons of Diesel fuel, at $4 a gallon

4 MILLION houses just like mine, plus some money to do improvements

7 MILLION full-ride college educations at a private university

A year of health insurance coverage for 92,105,263 people

Give me the money, I can spend it better.
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Henry Rollins For President

No, really.

Really really.

(& here's a political quiz:)Read more... )


Sep. 12th, 2008 12:06 pm
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As I was walking toward the bus stop yesterday afternoon, I realized that there's a very real chance that Palin will be the first female president in United States history. She doesn't have the experience to do a good job by herself, and her much-touted 'maverick' tendencies indicate she won't evne take the advice of seasoned White House personnel like Shrubby did. So we're kinda fucked if that happens.

And whose fault is it going to be? The Women. Us uppity bitches who nagged and bitched and whined and moaned and picketed and protested and suffered until we got the vote.

Watch it happen.

Only a politician/fratboy/abusive asshole (of which our leadership is all of the above) could give us what we said we wanted and manage to turn it around so that it hurts us badly*.

I know this trick. I know this game. I was in such a relationship in my personal life. Everything I asked for got turned around and used to punish me. I know this trick. It works.

Watch it happen.

* just one example, from personal experience:

"You ASKED me to come with you to this thing with you, and here I am at this thing with you, [half an hour late, after kicking furniture and yelling at the dog and breaking things because you couldn't find your shoes/wallet/keys, then getting in the car and driving like a maniac and screaming loudly--right in my ear--at the other drivers for being in your way, then proceeding to make me pay your admission because you 'forgot' to have cash, be ugly to the employees at the venue, and bitch about our seats the entire time so that there was no way in hell I'd enjoy the thing I asked you to attend with me.] NOW what the fuck are you complaining about!? It's just a no-win situation with you all the time, isn't it?"
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7 years ago, George W. Bush took the world's outpouring of sympathy, love, caring, and righetous outrage...a force that could have united the world, accomplished great things, made the world TRULY a safer place...he took ALL that goodwill and shat on it.

Thanks a bunch, Mr. pResident. Don't let the door hit your ass on your way out.

I bought this shirt. The image has stayed with me over the years, but I can't wear it anymore. The artist who drew the shirt says it far better than I could here.


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