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Taking magnesium daily now. It does seem to help.

I had a good day yesterday and I've had a good weekend so far.

Last night, I had supper at El Arroyo with my Aunt L and Uncle Bob & cousin Warrenwarren & his GF. The margarita was weak, but their queso was awesome and the service was excellent. We had a really good visit. It's nice to see Warren becoming such a decent grownup person. His girlfriend is awesome, too. Has her own business, looking to get a condo or townhouse soon instead of paying rent. She's a smart gal. And they have a lot of interests in common: being outdoors, camping and kayaking and hiking, live music, etc. I'd be happy if they ended up being a long term thing.

After supper, I went to the Daugherty Arts Center & met up with my friend Drey. We chit chatted a bit and I didn't see any of the other folks who had RSVPd to my facebook event invitation, so I was getting worried that he thought I'd somehow tricked him into being on a 'date' with me. But then Dree and her friend Chris showed up so it was all better. Drey is such a funny little person. I loved his outfit & his "Corset Inspector" medal. I am glad the Universe saw fit to put him in Austin.

We saw "Alvida and the Airship Pirates" which was a short silly little play, but with some good eye candy--cute girls and cool costumes. If I had the body for it, I might want to do the 'school girl gone bad' interpretation of Steampunk, too, cuz it was hawt, and I like stockings. But...oh well. I was about as risky as I was comfortable with in a skirt that came above my knees and funky tights, a vest over a long sleeve knit shirt & Thax's red newsboy cap & goggles. I wore the pendant he got me for Xmas and had Knighthorse embellish to be all steampunky, my pirate shot glass necklace that I got at Sherwood last year, and my new "skull and crossbones" glasses. So that was cool.

After the play, Dree, Chris, and Drey scattered, so I went on to Valatan & Blissfish's house for "Leftover Dinner"...got to try pop rock and chipotle infused dark chocolate (nom!) and a couple glasses of red wine, got to visit with people and relax and just have a nice time.

I got home around midnight and slept ALMOST til my alarm went off at 7:30, then went on to work and cranked out 4 hrs of OT. Got lunch at New World Deli (I'd been craving their curry chicken salad) and then shopped a bit at Big Lots and made a quick stop at Target to get tennis balls.

Went to Valatan & Blissfish's again, and Valatan and I went to the high school near their house and played tennis for maybe 30 min or so until I started getting to the 'almost pukey' stage of physical exercise. We walked back to his place and I drank some water, and now I'm home.

I like doing stuff and having plans and getting things done.

I have some shopping to do and 2 more rooms of the house to clean today. there is an Astronomy thing at St Stephen's school starting at 6 tonight. I don't know if I'm gonna make it. I'm feeling pretty tired at the moment. That was good tennis. Well, sucky tennis, but good exercise.

Tomorrow is Sherwood Faire with a whole gang of folks. I am looking forward to that very much.

I've done a good job of staying busy and trying to be happy while Thax is out of town for work, I think. There are things to worry about but there is no point in doing so, so I am going to do less of that, if I can possibly help it.

The last couple days is more what I want my life to look like. A better balance of work and play, time with family and friends. Getting things done. Healthy activities along with a bit of hedonism.

I'm grateful for so many good people in my life.
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Today's Gift - 11/26/2010

Today's thought from Hazelden is:

You start preparing when you're thirty for the person you'll be at eighty.
--Janice Clark

We can't get away from ourselves, at least not entirely. Who we were at ten and twenty and forty and fifty remain as threads in our tapestries. Many of us shudder because some details of our personal panorama weren't so very pretty. But that's the way life is. We are what we are. And yet, we have examples of favorable changes, too. How we were never kept us from becoming who we wanted to be. This truth continues to reign in our lives.

We all know women and men who continue to be enthused about even the tiny happenings in the passing of a day. A bird's flight from the porch to a nearby tree to feed its young, the laughter of children passing the house on their way home from school, the family reunions, large or small, bring smiles and memories that comfort. Probably we envy those folks, unless we happen to be them already. In either case, imitating others or serving as their role models helps to strengthen our positive responses to life's details. No matter how old we are, there is still joy to be felt. And there is still time to change and grow.

There is no rule that says I have to be and think and act the same way my whole life. Today is a clean slate. I can be who I want to be. 

You are reading from the book:

Keepers of the Wisdom by Karen Casey

Keepers of the Wisdom. Copyright 1996 by Karen Casey.
All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No
portion of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the
written permission of Hazelden.


Today's Gift daily emails are provided at no cost by Hazelden and are sent only to those who sign up for them.

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from Taming Your Gremlin by Rick Carson


Acting can be fun as long as you clearly understand that you are not your act. A good act can get you some strokes, help you win friends, and help you make a living. Some of the most uptight people I know have good acts. So, puleez, if you get into acting, enjoy it! Just don't take your act too seriously. You risk a feeling of real emptiness if you do. Acting should be thought of as practical, as experimentation, as a good time; even as a well-planned manipulation, as conscious pretensiousness, or as entertainment. Some acts are, of course, better than others. You'll be best served to select an act that is consistent with the natural you.

The Pleasant Person Act is one of the most popular. I asked several of my clients, students, and colleagues about this act. All were aware of it, and some have used it as a base from which they have created their own unique performing style. I was surprised by the degree of agreement I found among those I consulted as to the essential attributes of the Pleasant Person Act. Here they are:Read more... )

Remember, you're not your act.
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My spiritual number: Read more... )

In 2009, bramblekite resolves to:Read more... )
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I was browsing through friends' LJs and memories and such and I found this quote. It's brilliant and perfect for today:

from http://zoethe.livejournal.com/170683.html:
Read more... )
According to Webster's Dictionary, drama is "a state, situation or series of events involving intense conflict or force." Passion, on the other hand, is defined as "a devotion to some activity, object or concept." Read more... )
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(I scored a 30 on the test, BTW. Out of a possible 100. 50 is average. I have a LOT to learn. AFOG. *grumble, groan*)
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So last night at dinner, I met [livejournal.com profile] jfrands and being the true LJ stalker that I am, I went and looked at his LJ today, browsed through his memories, etc. I found something REALLLLY F-ing AMAZING, it's called "Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy" and I think it would be helpful to find someone who does this.

"the 'Big Four'.

The big four- DEMANDING, AWFULIZING, PEOPLE RATING, and LOW FRUSTATION TOLERENCE is the classification that most REBTers now use when identifying and disputing irrational beliefs."
Read more... )

YES. This makes so much SENSE to me!!!

A decision

Dec. 2nd, 2005 09:41 am
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After yet another episode of being dragged by circumstances out of my happy denial place and face-to-face once again with My Issues, I think I've decided that I must find/make time to deal with this, or something is going to break, and I fear it will be me.

I think I will start with alanon. I think a fair number of my dysfunctional coping strategies stem from my family history of alcholism. It may be chicken/eggy to wonder if the denial, lack of communication, emotional distance, Little Prince Goldensprog & his sister Cinderella-Without-The-Ball Syndrome created the alcoholics on both sides of my family line, or if it was created BY the alcoholics...but either way, there are bad patterns of behavior that need to be told to fuck off out of my life on no uncertain terms.

At some point, it really does become more painful to try and stay the same than it is to face the dangerous uncertainty of change.

Wish me luck.


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