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So, pretty much everyone I know has gone nutso-go-butso over Pokemon Go. They are reporting miles walked and calories burned, making new friends in the middle of the night on these epic walks, having a great old time. I just can't be bothered with imaginary cartoon animals....cuz I'm a boring old grownup. But, it would be nice to have something that interested me and motivated me to get out an move the old carcass around, get some flab off, etc.....Pokemon Go is not it.

I think Google Glass was too early; we weren't yet used to giving away our privacy so easily. Now, we sign off on various apps that want our location, our media files, our contact lists, no problem, hereyago, just give me that cartoon duck creature!

Now, imagine if you will, thousands of cheeto stained couch potatoes getting off their dead butts to go out walking and collect...virtual diamonds, champagne bottles, roses, designer shoes, books, unicorns, etc.

So...there are dozens, if not hundreds, of health, nutrition, fitness oriented subscription box services ranging anywhere in price from $5 to $50 a month; apparently people like these things. I did a makeup subscription box for awhile for $10/month, it was fun but I can only use so much mascara, so I eventually unsubbed.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of fitness tracking devices (wristband, pedometer, clip on)

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of fitness tracking apps. Many of these apps are partnered with the various devices mentioned above

There are tons of diet tracking apps and websites. Many of which interface with above-mentioned fitness apps and devices.

There are gyms and fitness studios all over the place.

So, how can we roll these together and provide a service?

How about an augmented reality app (Hello, Google Glass? are you looking for a way to revive?) that lets the user find a subscription box that suits their interests.

Sign up for the program. Choose your diet plan that is any/all of the following: vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low carb, low fat, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free. Choose fitness activities that interest you: walking, running, climbing, biking, canoeing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, yoga, whatever. Input non-fitness hobbies and interests to calibrate type of prizes you wish to receive: reading, music, knitting, travel, beadwork, cooking, parenting, home improvement, cosmetics, shoes, clothing, etc.

Receive a 'basic' box every month that goes with your diet and fitness preferences. Earn upgrades and special prizes related to your interests by using your app to find treasures, take challenges, track miles, calories burned, glasses of water consumed, daily food tracking & staying on goal for calories consumed, calories burned, miles walked, fitness minutes.

Upgrades and special prizes in monthly subscription box can be things like T shirts, water bottles, extra samples of protein bars or meal replacement drinks, snacks, coupons for purchases of specialty foods, activewear & fitness shoes at local retailers.

Local retailers can partner with the app to have check-ins at their store give the user points, and more points for purchases.

Gyms can partner with the app to have joining the gym and regular attendance at the gym give the users points.

Weekly or monthly contests and scavenger hunts to win bigger ticket items such as gift cards from Amazon, Etsy, Southwest Airlines, Carnival Cruise Line, Disney, Home Depot, Massage Envy, etc.

People can make teams and set up weight loss, workout times, or mileage challenges to win team prizes.

Benefits to partners: advertising, data mining, customers in the door, cross promotion between various retailers & service providers.

Benefits to app users: keeps exercise interesting, provides tangible rewards for consistent participation & reaching goals.


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