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Thanks for playin', everybody!
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m home. intrney is slwo,, lagging, ut still up. reawdio says it's tnot bites. fire at he govern's mansion a few nitghs ago; relased some tosins r soem kind of virusd. it's in the air. metallic taste in my mouth since lst night, getting worse. sinuses feel ful and stuffyt, throat clsoing up. body hurts. geting clumsyt, hardcer to type. dont' think I coudl drive any more. where coudl I get away, anyway, its' insidw me/ Mom, dad,,lyn n bob.alex, eric, holly, thax & carol n dave, rfiends. m sory. I love you. gotta pull the rtigger beofre I can't anymore. f you see me aftr thsi, dont' answr the door. I love youm bt wont' be abl to stop myswlerj froj eatign youy/./ i'j so sorrraajwe;we;we;we;kle
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Well, fuck. It's really Zombies . Read more... )
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Email from the Director of the agency came right after the security guys came through & said there's some kind of protest going on. People marching toward the Capitol from every direction, a violent crowd, apparently. Starting fires, destroying parked cars and property. They're trying to get into other state office buildings. We're just supposed to stay put until we get the "all-clear" from Capital security. Buncha clowns.

Of course nobody's getting any damned work done but me, they're all gossiping and looking out the windows. It's like working in a henhouse, I swear. Nothing to see folks, a bunch of out of work bums or something. "We hate Governor Perry, give us welfare & American Gladiators on TV, waah!" losers. People annoy me.

AND it's fuckin' hot in this office. It's usually like a meat locker in here, so a little warmer is nice, but this? damn.
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& I just heard what sounds like gunshots outside. WTF!!

(Also, I think my friend longshot got ahold of some of that bad PCP...)
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My headache won't go away and the allergy medicine just made me feel slow and stupid. Dammit. Also kind of sick to my stomach. Sinus drainage, I guess.

Lunch hour is almost done. We didn't have a lot of people come in to work today, but seems like at least half of those people didn't come back from lunch. Startin' the weekend early, I guess. I can't imagine any of my coworkers being interested in the Pride Parade or the ROT Rally, but stranger things have happened.

The motorcycle noise seems to have died down; I guess the bikers all went out to the expo center or wherever. There were a lot of ambulances and helicopters going to Brackenridge, but that's gotten quieter, too. Less noise is good for my headache. yay.

Before lunchtime, someone was saying that the bikers had brought in a bunch of bad meth or PCP or something, and that's why people were being hospitalized. I am happy to report that I didn't hear much gay-bashing or blaming of anything on the Pride Parade, but I did hear rumors of a bunch of Extacy coming in from LA. No telling what would happen to people taking a hit of bad meth and then a hit of good E. Hopefully the news has gotten out enough so that people wont' be stupid enough to buy drugs from out of town bikers. Then again, assuming they're stupid enough to take drugs in the first place, I wouldn't put it past 'em.

Freakin' meth.
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but today my sinuses are definitely giving me the BEST reason I wish I didn't live in Austin right now. My allergies are KILLIN me today. Feels like my head is full of cement. Oh well, it's lunchtime. My lunch didn't taste very good, I threw most of it away. Usually I really like the Morningstar Italian veggie patties, but I think I wanted real meat today.

I took some meds and I'll put my head down on my desk for a bit & hopefully feel better. Ugh. I'm so full of snot, it's disgusting.
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Wow, there was a big damn wreck right outside my office. What is UP with the traffic today?! Oh, wait, I forgot, it's the ROT Rally. I heard motorcycles up and down 15th street alll of yesterday afternoon. Whatever. Noisy bikers.

And apparently those marching kids were the "Youth Leadership Conference"...whatever that is. I never will understand why and how things get scheduled here. Youth Leadership and Bikers the same weekend. SXSW and and the UIL basketball tournament every year in March. You'd think one or the other would want to move their dates. To reduce the cognitive dissonance, if nothing else.

ANYWAY. Peeking out my 4th floor office window, there are lots of cops and the usual bunch of rubberneckers, including some folks that look like they've been on the Santa Rampage since whenever that was in December 2007. Some blood. ew. People are so morbid! Actually walking TOWARD the wreck!

(aside: you know, I am totally cool with Keepin Austin Wierd, but Santa costumes in June...that's a little too wierd, even for me.)

OK, back to work. Since we're so short-handed, there's actually lots for me to do. The phones are pretty quiet today, too. That's a plus.
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So, this morning getting in to work was a clusterfuck. Traffic was slow and the access road right near my exit had a wreck. It was so bad that some folks had parked their cars on the side of the road and they were walking in to work. Very slowly. Because it's already f'in hot outside. Glad I'm not them.

So, I got to work a little later than usual; luckily nobody at work cares. And it seems half my office has taken off today. Pretty dead. That's nice.

I feel a little bit guilty; I was badging in to the office and there were some people crossing the street behind me. But they were movin' slow and I was late, so I didn't hold the door for them. I didn't realize how really UNHEALTHY state workers look, but...damn! I need to get out & exercise and get more sunlight if I don't want to look like that in 5 or 10 yrs! (sloppy dressers too. ugh.)
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[[backdated entry]]

I'm sure everyone's caught on by now, but I've been participating in "Blog Like It's The End of The World" today. Thanks for reading. Hope I didn't scare anybody too badly.



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