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Attention, Citizens.

While we were having a meta moment of political theatre at the theatre, the following items may have escaped your notice:

Russia has a missile that can reach US soil in 12 minutes, that is practically impossible to detect or intercept.
(What are you going to do with the last 12 minutes of your life?)

President Elect(oral college) Trump introduced his daughter Ivanka to Japanese leaders. sending a pretty darn clear message about his intentions to use his place in the White House to enrich his business interests. Too subtle for you? OK, then, he just straigt-up telephoned the President of Argentina to get him to put in a good word on some Trump properties pending down thataway. Oh, that's outrageous! Why didn't the American press report on it? Because they have been bought. Trump better hope his check doesn't bounce....or the press may turn on him like a badly-housetrained Chihuahua. (Ok, so it won't hurt him much, but it will be shrill and obnoxious.)

Trump settled the Trump University fraud lawsuit for $25 million. The one he said he wouldn't ever settle. Seriously, this guy flip flops worse than a hooked fish in a bass boat. He makes waffles look like stable edifices.

Protestors protecting sacred burial grounds, and, more importantly, safe clean water for everyone, were sprayed with water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures.

White supremacists held a rally in DC to support Trump, featuring the Nazi salute, and, hey Tila fuckin Tequila, cuz that's fun.

Steve Bannon, Trump's right hand fella, expressed admiration for Darth Vader, Dick Cheney, and Satan.
I don't know what's worse, the fact that he so strongly identifies with repressive authoritarians who have been widely recognized as 'the enemy' and 'evil' or that two of them are fictional characters.

Texas has introduced a bill that would force educators to out their LGBTQ students to their parents. I fail to see how that has anything to do with education; it seems the only point of the bill is to waste taxpayer time and money, waste teachers' time, and open up closeted children to possible abuse and eviction by clueless bigoted parents.

Meanwhile, the gaslighting continues as the Trumpence war machine continues to insist that their guys didn't say the things they are on record as saying--either video taped, or their own social media comments, and the Trumpence hate machine continues to refuse to take a stance against the violence and hate crimes being committed in the name of the president-elect, refusing to speak against the 'alt right' (read: White Supremacists, read: Trump Supporters, Trump Voters, Trump Followers) perpetrating these crimes.

The alleged 'nice people' who voted for Trump also remain steadfastly silent in the wake of their fellow Trump Voters behaving hatefully and destructively. If you won't speak against them or stand against them, then you are just as guilty, folks.

In the meantime, out here in the nonpolitical (haha) world, we still need jobs that pay enough to live on. We need health care. We need safe places to live, safe food to eat, and safe water to drink. We need education that we can afford. We need our leaders to listen to the scientific community which tells us that climate change is real and our planet is in crisis. We need our business leaders and political leaders to step up. We need law enforcement to enforce the laws--ie: ARREST a certain CROOKED BUSINESSMAN-TURNED-POLITICAN and HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE for the crimes he has committed (is continuing to commit)!


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