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Today's thought from Hazelden is:

My parents believed in honesty and hard work and they passed that on to me.
--Monty Cralley

Most of us can think of a number of things we can credit our parents with. For some of us there may not be as many good legacies as bad, however. But time has marched on and we can't redo a bad past. Nor does it help to continue rehashing it in our minds. Our parents simply passed on to us what they had learned. If it wasn't all good, let's hope we learned enough from it to break the pattern before we passed it on to our children.

Let's focus on the blessings and the positive experiences in our lives. While it's true that we learned something from every experience, even the ones that seemed vile at the time, the more pleasant ones helped us interact in a more hopeful manner with others. The more hope we had, the more hope we inspired in our friends, too. There was no better quality to pass on to others.

We are still passing on ideas and impressions to others. Every opinion we share, every favor we perform, every moment we intently listen to someone talk about themselves is our opportunity to pass along something positive to a person who needs us. Our work isn't done.

I will pass on something I can feel proud of today.

You are reading from the book:

Keepers of the Wisdom by Karen Casey

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So, yeah....basically you learn what you learn growing up and then once you're an adult on your own you spend hours and days picking through the lessons and discarding the toxic ones...trying to figure out what were the good things to have learned in childhood, and what things no child should have ever had to learn. About being unloveable. About being bad. About being touched or not touched.... ignored or not. And let's not forget the recently-discovered parental dirty trick of "Otherparent thinks you're------[insert terrible things here]" when Otherparent actually did or thought no such thing.

yeah. fun stuff.


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