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An announcement from the Natural Magick Mailing list:

Howdy Natural Magickians!
We are having an open house this Saturday and Sunday , July 7 & 8 from 11am til 6pm, 5008 Duval St.

Between me and the fiance/fellow artist-entrepreneur we have:

Natural Magick Shop  , magick potions, tools and supplies, ritually crafted for the modern practitioner
Flameless Shirt  , highly original men's shirts to bring out the extrovert in you!
Hoops by Hullaba Loola  , totally rad hoola hoops for kids and adults of all sizes and skillz levels
The Muggle Smuggler  , handmade semiprecious jewelry guaranteed free of magick unless otherwise labeled.
Art prints and photography  by Brooke Wilton.

We will also have the very talented Tarot consultant Teresa Van Deusen on hand to provide oracular insight.

Snacks and beverages and all-around neighborly, family friendly and companionable society!

We hope to see lots of y'all this weekend!

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The Butterfly Bar @ The VORTEX presents

The Year of the Dragon!

Welcome the Chinese New

When: Monday, January 23, 2012


Free Admission

A symbol of good fortune and a sign of intense power,
Dragons are the free spirits of the Chinese Zodiac.
The uninhibited Dragon is an extraverted bundle of energy.

Come to the VORTEX on the New
Moon to celebrate and welcome in the Year of the Dragon. D
in Bright Red or in your favorite Dragon Costume and release your inner
dragon. T
angerines, fortune cookies,
music, fun!

The Chinese New Year tradition is to reconcile, forget all
grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone.
Join us at The Butterfly Bar @ The VORTEX for The Year of the Dragon!


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eventful is kinda cool
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The Power Wheel The Power Wheel
from http://www.mcedv.org/
And, of course, I feel I should remind folks that domestic violence is not always a situation where a man is abusing a woman. Women can also be abusers. Sadly, all humans have the potential to become abusers. But there is hope for healing, whether you are the one being hurt, or the one doing the hurting.

So, on that note, I'd like to remind everyone that April 14 is the 20th annual Safe Place Walk.

from their Walk Details page:

Who: SafePlace Walkers are members of the Austin community who wish to honor survivors of sexual and domestic violence. They are also people who want to contribute to SafePlace's mission to end sexual and domestic violence through safety, healing, prevention and social change.

What: The 20th Anniversary SafePlace Walk is a great opportunity to join us (if you haven't done the Walk before) or to celebrate your continued commitment to a community free of rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence.

The SafePlace Walk is a major fundraiser supporting our programs which provide safety, healing, prevention and social change for the Austin area.

Where: Waterloo Park (403 East 15th Street, between Trinity and Red River)

When: Saturday, April 14, 2007 9 am - The Park and Registration opens

Distance: 2.2 miles.

Join our Team!


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