Dec. 29th, 2006

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Over the Xmas holidays (which, are, unfortunately, often a time of big stress in addition to being full of the good things & people we love at this time of year), my stepbrother [ profile] sineater and I had a falling out, which has led him and his wife [ profile] skye_ds to remove me from their Livejournal "friends" lists.

I just want to assure all of our mutual friends that I will do my best to minimize the drama; I will not talk smack and I will not ask or expect anyone to take sides or deliver ultimatums of any sort. Sineater and Skye have many admirable qualities, and many flaws, as do I. Unfortunately, with the family history being what it is, and personalities being what they are, this is probably for the best.

It is not my intention to create discomfort among our mutual friends in LiveJournal or in Real Life.

If anyone has any questions or comments about this, you may leave them here. I am screening all comments [mostly to preclude nastiness but also] in case you'd rather leave your question or comment with an email address, if you have something to be discussed further. Anonymous comments are also allowed.

This will NOT be a forum for trashing me or Sineater or Skye_ds, and I will not participate in such. I just would rather have this out in the open and openly discussed rather than have it taint friendships or needlessly harm people who I, Sineater and Skye_ds, all share respect and caring for.


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