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I can't remember if I've shared this website with my fellow perfumey friends yet, but here is a really nice site that I'm enjoying quite a bit:

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Thax and I have been slowly but surely decluttering the craft/computer room. It's been on the list for years now...literally. I'm good at procrastinating, what can I say...

Tonight, I'm afraid I got seriously sidetracked. It started earlier today when our friend L. posted a link to a really fabulous house right smack on 6th St. Cool location, great space, totally redone in the 70's...and it looks it. I went clicking around to see the other houses in the "Nearby Similar Listings" and found this wonderful place for a mere $975,000.

315 Lavaca St, house views

The location is also good, but not right smack on 6th. You can walk there easily if you like, but the drunken party noise is not going to be right in your lap all the time. It's also LOTS bigger. Like, 1/4 of a city block LOTS. wow ee.

It's a bit dark and a little dingy inside, but the outdoor deck with the view, outdoor seating area, bar, and hot tub make up for a whole lot of that.

Plus, assuming I had the money to buy the thing in the first place, of course I'd have the money to redecorate. And the dark + industrial look of the existing features is just about perfect for adding Steampunky bits.

I've started putting some ideas up on Polyvore. It's fun.

Heehee. I'm silly. And I need to get back to work on my own RL house now.
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it's my birthday soon!

Get your own Greetinger

My Wishlist - bramblekite
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I swear, this could become an addiction...Read more... )

It also illustrates my woefully expensive & somewhat tacky taste in jewelry...I didn't realize that ring was almost 6 grand when I clicked on it...*giggle*
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I was on the way home from my dr. appt and I heard this really cool song on the radio. Turns out it's called "Reunion" and it's by a band called Hot Club of Cowtown. They're local. It's a great little song. The DJ mentioned it's from their new CD, and they're going to be on the radio tomorrow morning at 11, doing an apperance at WAterloo, and then at the Continental Club.

When I got back from work, I googled and found this album review.

What nice serendipity!

I am not so sure about that whole 'going to see music in a club' thing (it's a rarity when I do go somewhere with noise and crowds)

But...it is a good song. I think I at least need the CD.


Aug. 20th, 2007 02:12 pm
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Here's an interesting webpage about the good sniffy stuffs:


It links to Heaven And Earth Essentials

Among *many* fascinating offerings, they carry a perfume whose name I find fascinating, but the description sounds VILE.

Voodoo Punani

Buttercream FO, Sandalwood EO and Saffron EO

ew. just...ew.
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I want dittoes.

I want nanomachines in my brain to keep my seratonin levels normal.

I want engineered bacteria so that my breath is always fresh & my body never stinks.

I want more engineered bacteria to destroy my unwanted body fat.

I want something in my hair follicles so that I can grow whatever colored hair I want.

I want a virtual reality where I can shapeshift and fly and have unsafe sex and destroy my enemies in horrible ways and try all the illegal drugs I want.

Um....that's all really shallow stuff.

But that's what I want. Someone get to work on this.


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