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Today's thought from Hazelden is:

The Importance of Money

We cannot afford to allow our focus in life to be money. That will not lead us into the abundance we're seeking. Usually, it will not even lead to financial stability.

Money is important. We deserve to be paid what we're worth. We will be paid what we're worth when we believe we deserve to be. But often your plans fail when our primary consideration is money.

What do we really want to do? What do we feel led to do? What are our instincts telling us? What do we feel guided to do? What are we excited about doing? Seek to find a way to do that, without worrying about the money.

Consider the financial aspects. Set boundaries about what you need to be paid. Be reasonable. Expect to start at the bottom and work up. But if you feel led toward a job, go for it.

Is there something we truly don't want to do, something that goes against our grain, but we are trying to force ourselves into it "for the money"? Usually, that's a behavior that backfires. It doesn't work. We make ourselves miserable, and the money usually goes wrong too.

Money is a consideration, but it cannot be our primary consideration if we are seeking spiritual security and peace of mind.

Today, I will make money a consideration, but I will not allow it to become my primary consideration. God, help me be true to myself and trust that the money will follow.

You are reading from the book:

The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

The Language of Letting Go © 1990 by Hazelden Foundation. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the permission of Hazelden.

The week ahead, from wheresthemoon.com:



Some people believe all you think about is money. This is so wrong. What you do care about is your earthly pleasure. It’s not really about the money at all. Many Tauruses don’t hoard their cash and sit their counting it. You have to enjoy life, and, like it or not, it costs money. So you should be happy as a clam now that at last there is some hope that the cash will flow in a little more easily thatn it has over the past year and a half, and your worldly existence will be relatively free from the feeling of being squeezed and have to borrow against your own future and juggle and be dependent on others. Work and health have been your major concerns. You’ve had to struggle to survive. Pleasure. That’s your thing.Said it before, but now definitely not kidding. Take your SATURN IN LIBRA message and taack it on your wall until October. if you do not have it, get it now.Y

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Dealing with the feelings that lie deep under the surface is not easy for anybody. It’s much more comfortable to make snappy jokes and keep conversations from getting dangerously close to the bone. you’re as capable as anybody else of feeling deeply. You’re often thought of as the chit chat type. We should not diminish the value of being able to lighten the mood both at cocktail parties and in the middle of a war. It’s a talent, not a kooky defense against the expression of real emotion. We’ve all had that experience of coming out with an inappropriate response at an embarrassing moment. You enter a funeral of a loved one and something moves you to giggle. Or, in the midst of a passionate embrace, you think, "Oh ,I forgot to call Jake and move the meeting to eleven o’clock." While that sort of disconnect can be most irritatingly It is the power to laugh. It is your ability to master the diversionary tactic. Right now it is most useful. The direct motion of Venus in Gemini restores confidence in yourself and be able to shore up any relationship. You’ve had a pretty crappy time of it–health, self-image, etc, but now you can jettison the feeling of unworthiness and be able to relate to yourself with more love. You need it, mainly because love is the object, but ..........Said it before, but now definitely not kidding. Take your SATURN IN LIBRA message and taack it on your wall until October. if you do not have it, get it now.

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Seven hundred billion dollars =

$22889.55 for every man woman and child living in America today. (I don't know about you, but almost 23 thousand dollars would do a lot towards easing my financial burdens...)

23 MILLION years of my annual salary. (I did this calculation twice. I still can't believe it. Musta misplaced a decimal point there, somewhere. Or did I? jeezus tapdancing christ)

Almost 40 MILLION Turbo Diesel Volkswagen Beetles

175 BILLION gallons of Diesel fuel, at $4 a gallon

4 MILLION houses just like mine, plus some money to do improvements

7 MILLION full-ride college educations at a private university

A year of health insurance coverage for 92,105,263 people

Give me the money, I can spend it better.
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Imagine you own a small grocery store and there was a kid you used to pay to sweep the sidewalks out front of your store...

One day his dad walks in, a shady character in a shiny suit, who hands you your wallet and tells you that his kid stole your wallet and he's real sorry but the kid or some of his bad friends might try and use your checking account and credit cards.

"But I gotta deal for youse," he continues. "I'm gonna watch your accounts for ya for 2 years, absolutely free. All you gotta do is give me your credit card info."


You'd call the cops, right?

Amusingly, or not so amusingly, my mortgage company just tried to run the same scam on me.



Funny how when it's government or big business doing it, it's legal.

Ah well. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I don't take kindly to scare tactics, Guido.
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I read this and thought of [livejournal.com profile] sharjinka & [livejournal.com profile] tasty_mangoes IMMEDIATELY.
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I have the worlds worst sinus headache this a.m.! Bleh. I am also
peeved at X & not really looking forward to spending the day with
her Saturday. I hope I get to feeling better & perk up by the
weekend. I was just talking to her yesterday about how disappointed I
am with the response to the TRF bus trips and about how poor I'm
gonna be, and she was all like "Well, you're not REALLY gonna be
poor. Nobody's gonna sell your house out from under you and you won't
have to borrow any money from friends like M. and I had to"...

Thanks for the sympathy. I could have really stood to hear a quick,
simple "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." or "That really sucks" but to
have someone tell me that my feelings are invalid just really makes
me angry and sad. Okay, so I didn't spend my teen years doing drugs
and getting laid, so I worked instead. So I got a credit card early
in life and have built up a credit rating so that I can charge things
when I have no cash instead of borrowing from friends (and never
paying them back, may I add), so I didn't marry a man with a 10 grand
debt to the IRS. So I didn't get knocked up 3 times in the course of
5 years. So I work for a living. I guess that means I don't know what
it's REALLY like to be REALLY poor and I should just shut up and
count my blessings. Well, I don't have fucking Anthax either, I
guess I should just go dancing out into the streets because I am just
so goddamned lucky.

She's right, I am not dead, and I should count my blessings. And I
do. But I just wanted a sympathetic ear, not a big lecture about how
I'm not REALLY poor, how my feelings don't really count.

No christmas for anyone. No birthdays for anyone. No traveling. No
eating out. No new clothes. No new shoes. No dental check up this
year or next year. No eye check up this year or next year. No vet
check ups for the pets. No going out. No gym membership next year.
No new books, no new magazines, no fun at all. No more classes for
getting my Travel & Tourism certificate at ACC. No new tools or
materials for Magpies. No traveling to trade shows. No money for
booth fees. No money for selling on ebay. Just pay my debts and work
and go home and that's it. For at least a year. This puts my being
able to pay my personal debts and quit my job and devote more of my
time and energy to Magpies off by at least a year. This puts off my
Real Life for at least a year. But, no, I'm not poor. I still have my
house and I won't have to borrow money from friends. So, fuck me, I'm
not poor at all.


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