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Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] idomagic for turning me on to this awesome Winter Holiday. Decemberween is dead! Long live Krampusnacht!




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Dear Family & Friends,

I hope that 2008 has been a good year for y'all (and if not, hey, at least it's almost over!) 2009 will be great for everyone, I hope!

I haven't really done much in the holiday spirit this year; there is too much unrest in the world, too much sad news, too much to do at work, too many worries to really celebrate this time as it's meant to be celebrated.

However, I did want you to know that I've made a few contributions to my local community; donations to the Capital Area Food bank, Safe Place, and other local charities. I also sent grocery money to a couple of people on my LiveJournal friends list who are having hard times.

I am not saying any of that to 'toot my own horn'...I just felt that this year, especially, it is probably more important to help people who really need it rather than get all stressed out trying to find the perfect plastic gimcrack for someone who already has plenty of plastic gimcracks hanging around the house already.

I consider myself blessed to have my health and relative job security and financial stability in these times.

I also consider myself especially blessed to have YOU in my life.

I hope that you are healthy and well and happy, and I hope that the coming year we can continue to love each other and live well and create the many happy memories over a year; all the good times and good people that make this time of year so special.

Let's spend time together soon, or talk on the phone or IM, or trade an email or two. Those are better gifts for me than anything material.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

I love you. I am grateful for you in my life.




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