Date: 2016-04-22 01:25 am (UTC)
New things I tasted:

Sorrel tea (very similar to hibiscus tea)
Seaweed drink (tasted like eggnog)
bubble waffle
fry jacks
Conch Ceviche
Cinnamon leaf
Cacao fruit
Cacao liqueur
ripe Custard Apple (cherimoya)
Moringa leaves
Craboo liqueur
Gifitti Rum bitters

Things I wish I'd seen/done that I didn't:

Sunset Yoga on Caye Caulker (
Cahal Pech ( just outside San Ignacio

Things I packed that I didn't need:

card deck
Uno deck
Yatzee score papers
Paracord and binder clips for drying laundry
dress I only wore once
pants I only wore once
shirt I only wore once
stupid hat I really didn't like
hair styling product I only used once
permanent marker with duct tape wrapped around it (the packing list I downloaded said to take this. still no idea why)
toilet paper/tissues (still glad I took this, just in case)
a pair of black Dr. Scholl's ballet flats that pinched my toes and left blisters. I was under the delusion that they'd 'break in' and become comfortable, but they maimed my feet in Caye Caulker and I tossed them because I realized they were never going to become comfortable.

Things I'm glad I took:

photocopied maps of each town we planned to travel to
XL spreadsheet I made showing each day's itenerary and reservations (if any)
headbands - kept sweat from going into my eyes, hid my badly-cut bangs (never get a haircut just before a vacation....)
chilly towel ( & headband.
microfiber quick-dry towel, for beach and after shower at Yuma's House
liquid laundry soap
single use sunscreen wipes
Cedarcide brand sunscreen spf 30
bug spray
bug repelling glow in the dark bracelet
single day contact lenses
single day vitamin packs
dry bag
space bags for packing
Water filtration cup (
cash--many places we went did not take credit cards, which was a problem for a few of our group
These shoes (

Things to do next time:
Pick one spot and take trips from there
or just pick one spot and stay there (Caye Caulker, San Pedro, or our cabbie suggested Placencia)
The Belize Chocolate Festival (
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