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Date: 2016-04-21 10:15 pm (UTC)
A couple of the people we travelled with are definitely different than me and Thax. They prefer travel that is challenging and even unpleasant, for the sake of having the experience, testing their limits, and overcoming adversity.

I enjoy travel that is comfortable and pleasant. I like new things but not unpleasant new things. I will taste new foods, drink new beverages, see new places, and learn new things, but not to the extent of a 3 hour hike through jungles and rivers, into a cave that is full of sharp things and narrow squeezes and more wading, or a 3 hour bus ride over a hostile country's border in 90+ degree heat to climb up the side of a ruined Mayan temple.

I guess that's a good thing to know. Many times along this trip I felt like a failure, for not planning well enough, for planning too much, for getting hung up on having AC and hot water, for being a soft fat white first world princess... I felt like my more adventurous companions were sort of patting me on the head for being a good sport and at least trying to be a little bit adventurous, even though they viewed my efforts as an abject failure.

But at the end of it all, I am who and what I am. In my own small, whiny and brittle way I did test my limits and exceed them at times, failing more than I succeeded, but overall I am glad I went and glad I had the experiences I had, and OK with not being as hard-core as my friends. If it means we don't travel together again due to incompatibility of expectations and what we find worthwhile to do, that is also something I will have to learn to be OK with.
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